Why is a Technology Company called Rescue Dog?

Working like dogs to take the bite out of technology!

Company Overview

Rescue Dog Technology, LLC. is a fast-growing managed IT services provider with a powerful mission throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Born from a passionate desire to help others, combined with extensive IT experience and business management skills, we are here to help businesses solve their technology problems, giving them more time to handle their day-to-day operations.

President Geoff Gardiner and his wife Lynn, the CEO of Rescue Dog, are no strangers to helping others and have spent the last 20 years running a successful non-profit organization, People & Paws Search & Rescue. They, along with their dogs and experienced handlers, assist Law Enforcement/Emergency Services to find missing people throughout the community and country.

As IT professionals, one of the reasons Geoff and Lynn started Rescue Dog Technology was because they saw that the needs of organizations were not being addressed properly. Many cash-strapped business owners and non-profit organization leaders try to handle their own IT problems or rely on a well-meaning friend or tech-savvy employee to handle each crisis as it comes up. Others call their local computer guy, only to experience poor service and lackluster results.


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Why the name Rescue Dog Technology?

Geoff and Lynn’s love of dogs factored heavily in choosing a name for their new business venture. Their background in search and rescue, combined with the fact that everyone involved in starting the company was involved in emergency response/rescue, made it a perfect fit.

"We like to say we're rescuing people from technology during the day and utilizing people, technology, and dogs to rescue people after hours," says Lynn. "It all just fit together so well when we were thinking about the right name for our business."

Today, Rescue Dog Technology, LLC. works with a variety of schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses throughout Southeastern Wisconsin with a team of experienced techs and interns. Their unique perspective helps them provide the best solutions for the organizations they know so well.