Cameras, Access Control and Alarms

Cameras, Access Control and Alarms

Hassle-free video surveillance for unparalleled security

As a Gold program authorized partner of Verkada, we offer cutting-edge security solutions. Verkada is headquartered in the United States and offers one of the best products across the global market.

You can easily access your video footage from anywhere and just as easily share it with others. Proactive alerts can be set up for motion, vehicles, or people of interest to be notified of intruders or suspicious activity.

Offering solid camera coverage throughout your business, these cameras make it easy to tag someone as a person of interest and send alerts if that person is on the premises.

This camera system integrates with other systems, like your door controls or vape/air quality detecting sensors.

Verkada cameras have a 10 year warranty and receive regular software updates with new features.

Live feeds can easily be shared live with emergency services.

Up to 0% financing for up to 10 years is also available.

Reach out to AJ, our Account Manager, at for more information.

In an environment full of uncertainties and threats, security cameras, door access and camera monitoring offer deterrence and peace of mind.

Rescue Dog’s Camera Solutions feature:

  • Sharp and clear audio – No grainy footage, no garbled noises. Just complete visibility of your property.
  • Bandwidth friendliness – Instead of continuous video streaming, cameras only transmit data when actively monitored and maintain a constant bitrate of 20–50 kbps when idle.
  • Real-time air quality monitoring and more – Enrich your building management with Verkada’s all-in-one air quality sensors, providing you with real-time SMS alerts and visual insights for quick investigations, leading to operational insights and cost savings.
  • Unmatched capabilities – Our solutions come with 24/7 monitoring and response to threats, turning your cameras into a comprehensive alarm system that eliminates false alarms and ensures rapid police response.