Businesses & Non Profits

Businesses & Non Profits

Grow your operation with our cutting-edge managed IT solutions

Whether you are running a one-man shop or a growing business with more than a handful of employees, you have better things to do than worry about your network, slow computers, viruses, and hackers. You rely on your computer guy to fix things when they break and you dread having to call him at all.

As IT professionals, one of the reasons we started Rescue Dog Technology in the first place was because we saw that the needs of organizations weren't being addressed properly. Many cash-strapped business owners and non-profit organization leaders try to handle their own IT problems or rely on a well-meaning friend or a tech-savvy employee to handle each crisis as it comes up. Others call their local computer guy, only to experience poor service and lackluster results.

There is a better way to
handle your IT services -- the proactive way.

IT for Non-Profits & Businesses means we:

  • Ensure your business data and electronic files are secure
  • Improve your employees and volunteer productivity
  • Fully integrate all software packages into your network
  • Make sure you get a fast return on your IT investment