Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery

Adequate backup and recovery planning is your best insurance policy

If you come into work tomorrow to find the ceiling collapsed from rain damage just above your server rack, will you still be in business in a week? How about a month? What if one of your employees opens a virus-laden email that locks up all the files on your network and workstations? Having the right plan in place can foil the most aggressive and innovative hackers. A sound backup process also protects you against accidental file deletion or overwriting, natural disasters like fires and floods, hardware failures, and a host of other data-erasing disasters.

We know you’re busy. It’s enormously tempting to shrug this off, to worry about it later, or to dismiss it altogether. That is, undoubtedly, the easy choice. But the easy choice is rarely the right choice. The statistics are clear: at some point, you will have to deal with a data loss event. The worst time to test your backup is when you desperately need it to work. With Rescue Dog Technology, LLC.’s Data Backup & Recovery service, your backups are automated and monitored, always available and in top shape.

Have you thought through your business’s worst case scenario? Do you have a plan in place?

The three pillars of Rescue Dog Technology, LLC.’s data backup services are:

  • Local backup – for lightning fast file recovery when needed
  • Offsite backup – for added security and anytime, anywhere recovery availability
  • Regular testing – because the real value isn’t in the backup alone, but the recovery too