E-Rate 2024

E-Rate 2024


Working with E-Rate 2024

The e-rate process can seem like a daunting task at first glance. However, with a bit of help and training, it can be a valuable tool for your school that with a bit of effort can have significant cost savings.

Who Can Apply:

All public and private K-12 schools. Benefits are based on how many students who are Free and Reduced eligible. https://www.usac.org/e-rate/

What Type of Services Are Eligible?

Category One Services

Cat 1 is traditionally your internet connection. It can include broadband connections and WAN circuits

Category Two Services

Cat 2 includes networking equipment that helps you get to the internet. A partial list of eligible equipment:

  • Access Points
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Controllers
  • UPS
  • Racking
  • Caching Servers
  • Firewall
  • Installation, licensing and set up of the above items


When Do I Have To Apply:

Each year the timing is slightly different, so please make sure to check each year.

The last day to file a Form 470 is February 28, 2024
The first day to file a Form 471 is January 17, 2024
The last day to file a Form 471 is March 27, 2024

How do we apply:

The process follows the standard government bid process.

Form 470: Competitive bidding is a formal process to identify and request the products and services you need so that potential service providers can review those requests and submit bids for them.

Form 471: after you have put your equipment and services out for bid, you then have to select vendors to provide that equipment and/or services.

Once you have selected the vendors, you fill out a Form 471 advising USAC.

USAC will review your submission and ask any additional questions they may have.

After the review process. USAC issues a Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL). After you have received your FCDL letter you can start preparations to receive the discounted services.

Form 486: Once the services have been rendered or equipment has been delivered, you file a Form 486.

Form 472 or Form 474: After USAC has received the Form 486, you can begin invoicing . This done through a From 472 or Form 474 depending on how you want to be paid.