Video & Thermal Cameras

Thermal Scanning and Employee Screening

Are you looking for a reliable system to screen employees when they return to work? Rescue Dog Technology has done extensive research and has found a camera that checks the temperature of your employees as they enter the building. This is one of the CDC’s pre-screening recommendations for safe workplaces.


Our system consists of a thermal camera and software that monitors temperatures. This software will alert you if someone in the area of the camera’s vision is over 100.4० F. (CDC recommended level for a fever)

We offer two levels of packages.

In the base package, the camera has a limited testing area and employees need to approach the camera single file, spaced at least 6 feet apart. The camera identifies the highest and lowest temperature in the frame.


This picture shows an employee, holding a heat gun, registering at 174.2०. The camera is accurate within 0.5० .

In the advanced package, the camera can scan a larger area, and displays the temperature for each individual. This camera is less susceptible to false alerts from items like coffee cups.


Each package requires a laptop to display the image and capture the data on.

Both options come with recommendations on how to safely deal with employee screening based on CDC and medical expert recommendations. These cameras are designed for preliminary screening online, and if an indication is received, the alert needs to be followed up with a detailed interview and questioning by personnel in PPE. The cameras will not identify asymptomatic individuals.